Company Registeration

If you want to open a new trucking company, We will get all things done and all required authorities for your highway and local business. The most important things is search your legal business name and register that name for you.

Log Book Auditing

we are auditing your logbook and let youknow about your driver logbook errors. We check the 14 hours window, logbook status, matching fueltime, and speed according to hours. If their is any change of rule in DOT/MTO/USDOT, we let your drivers know immediately so that they can make correct logbook records.

Pars and PAPS

Pars and PIP is also required for running truks on highway and while crossing the broders. We provide you the printed sticker for Pars and PIP.

MTO/DOT Safety Audit Preparation

we check your log books, and recomend you the corrections.We maintain the truck and trailer files and also help to keep the record of maintenance files

Safety Fitness Certificate /CVOR Registration

Safety Fitness Certificate is required in Alberta, whereas in Ontario CVOR is required for business operation. We help you to file your application for this. We will prepare safety and maintenance program for your transportation.

IFTA Registration

If your trucks runs on the highway or you are running a business all across the country, then you need International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). We will setup your IFTA account and will get your IFTA sticker.

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